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You heard of Jes Extender - there are many websites selling the same thing that is presented here. The JES Extender is a penis enlargement device which uses traction force to stretch your penis. The idea is simple, use a traction force to stretch ligaments and encourage cell divisioning. The JES Extender was the first extender on the market and is still most popular, selling over 100,000 units so far (not by us unfortunately).

European Medical Device

The JES Extender is a European Class 1 medical device with full C E certification (different than CE, which is Chinese Export, which means nothing). There are dozens of articles and even some medical studies that shows that traction method does work (average 1.1" per one study). While there are other extenders on the market, JES is considered a premium device due to a tighter manufacturing standard and use of higher quality parts. Here's one study regarding traction device - Traction Study (PDF File).

Peyronies Disease

A severe curvature of the penis is serious diseases (compare to mild curves that most men have) and there are many treatment options available to these patient. Here's information on traction device and Peyronies Disease - Click Here


The JES Extender is typically offered in several different pricing points, including light/starter, Original, Silver, gold and platinum packages. After testing all version, we decided that Jes Comfort Original is best value for the money and is only version that we offer. The light/start version is too limited in that it only comes with limited rod length( 6"). The difference between Jes Original Comfort vs Jes Silver/Gold/Platinum is what the rod is plated with. The Jes Original Comfort rods are stainless steel. The silver/Gold/Platinum rods are also made out of Stainless Steel but is plated with their respective name sake metal. Other than that, there's no difference in design and components (platinum comes with extra strap).


What is in Our package (components)

  • Quality Mahogny Case
  • Extender base with built in spring rods
  • Extra rods (up to 9")
  • Set of rod keys (to tighten rod)
  • Head Strap
  • Foam Pad
  • Instructional DVD

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