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Complete penis enlargement solutions including All Day Penis Stretcher, versatile Penis Extender, Amazingly comfortable Ball Stretcher and Replacement head for other devices.

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AutoADS Usage Guide


Please get to know your device before proceeding and always be in control.

Please read the instruction before using your product.

AutoADS Penis Stretcher

Your AutoADS penis stretcher should have main unit, leg strap and tie string.

If you are a newbie, it will take few days for you to get used to having something pulling your penis.

All day stretching does not mean that you keep the unit on for 10 hours a day. Depending on the pulling pressure and/or your penis enlargement experience - you will need to take a break every so often.

Try not to over do it. Remember, this is ADS and not a heavy hanger or extender.

Attaching AutoADS

Place the main unit near the head - about 1/4 to 1/2".

If you are uncut, pull the all the way back (uncovered).

You'll need to play with the position to find the most comfortable position.

pulling penis

After positioning, begin by wrapping the front bar first (one directly attached to hook loop).

Make sure your foreskin is still pulled back.

Put little pressure near the center point.

The position of the hook loop will determine the comfort for each individual. Some people will find that hook loop near the bottom is more comfortable (especially uncut people).

To have the hook loop near the bottom, push down the hook loop as you are wrapping the front bar.

wrapping penis device

Begin wrapping the front bar - on each side. It only takes 1/2 turn to secure one side. Move to other side and do the same.

enlarging penis

Once it is somewhat secure, complete the wrap so that end of the bar is near the top.

Don't worry too much about the tightness, you could make more adjustment after it is on.

ligament stretching

Here's what the 1st bar should look like.

Note: Your's will not have the little balls at the end. We've decided to eliminate this as it was adding bulk to final product.

Once its on, put some pressure on both side for additional adjustment.

It'll take few tries for you to find the optimal position.

penis wrap stretching

Wrap the 2nd bar.

As you are wrapping, try to make a neat wrap. This will improve the concealibility.

Notice that hook loop is near the top. Some people will find that loop near the bottom is more comfortable (especially uncut people).


penis traction device

This is what it should look like.

Noticed that there are some skin front of the front bar. You should always have some skin near the front to eliminate irritation (from rubbing).

The skin in the front also plays heavily into your comfort. Try several different scene rio to see which is most comfortable

. Please remember that skin is more sensitive to slowed circulation. The best method is to have very little skin in the front - you'll need to determine how much is needed for maximum comfort.

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Tie the strap on your leg.

In the beginning, wrap it higher your leg (like your thigh).


AutoADS strap

The strap should be snug and not too tight.


If strap is too long, loop it around the strap.

penis enlargement system

Putting the string through the grommet hole, tie the string.

It will take you several time to figure out how slack you need for light stretching.

Alternately, you could leave the string in fixed position and move the strap up and down the leg.

best penis stretching equipment

That's it. Remember, all you need is light stretching.

It may take you a day or two to figure out the most comfortable position. Experiment to see what is comfortable and enjoy the ride!

You may need to squeeze the head every 1/2 hour or so - there could be circulation build up and you need to have the head in most flaccid state.

You may also feel slight pinching - take it easy if you are newbie - you need to train your penis and it will take few days.




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