VacExtender 3 (Here's VacExtender 3 design note!)

We are proud to introduce completely redesigned VacExtender 3! As usual, we incorporated many of the features from user feedbacks in addition to some of our own engineering to bring what was great even better!!!

VacExtender 3 KR version

VacExtender 3 Jes Version


The VacExtender 1 and 2 was known for their comfort compared to anything on the market. Believe it or now, the VacExtender 3 is even more comfortable and more importantly, effective way to pull internal structure of the penis without the skin stretch.

Cylinder design - The shape of VacExtender 3 cylinder took its cue from our VacHanger line of heavy hanger. Unlike the shape of VacExtender 2 cylinder, which had a straight side wall, the new cylinder design has a flared shape with wider opening that narrow toward the top (inside is different than how it looks outside, its much more pronounced). The reason for wider opening has to do with our new sealing mechanism, which is explained below... the narrow top allows for less head expansion when air is purged, limiting head expansion and fluid buildup.

The flared shape cylinder is also much deeper and wider compared to VacExtender 2, allowing for even largest head size while still giving custom fitment for all as head moves up toward the top of the cylinder. It literally is custom fitted cylinder for any size.

Vacextender 3 Main Cylinder, Silicone Comfort Vacuum Ring, Compression sleeve

Silicone Comfort Vacuum Ring (Patent pending) - This is completely new and important design concept for Vacuum based Penis Enlargement (PE) device. Instead of using a sealing sleeve as vacuum sealant, the Silicone Comfort Vacuum Ring is used to "plug" up the opening while holding the penis in place. Simply, it works better! Here are some of the highlights:

1) Protection/Comfort - Because Silicone Vacuum ring is placed on the Scarline, it protects this highly sensitive area while providing a very comfortable feel. Unlike the previous version or any other devices using the sleeve system, all adjustment is done before it is applied to the cylinder. The ring itself is short - about 1" so its easy to pull, ply and move so that excess skin can be pulled or smoothed out to eliminate any skin creases (which can create pinched feeling).

2) Conform to Shape - The reason why this system works so much better is due to the way Silicone Comfort Vacuum Ring moves with the head. As head is inserted (to the main cylinder), it moves with the head to create a tight and form fitting vacuum. In a sense, the Vacuum Ring becomes part of your head - can't get anymore custom fitted than that.

3) Effective Force - One of the holy grail of PE is to pull the internal structure of the penis without pulling anything else, such as skin. Up to now, this wasn't possible as most involve some level of skin pulling (some more than others). The VacExtender 1 and 2 was highly effective in minimizing skin involvement compared to any other devices, however, some skin play still occured due to the way it is applied to the penis (parts of the shaft is covered, which means skin play). The new Silicone Comfort Vacuum Ring eliminate this scenerio completely - simply there's no skin play at all. It is placed on the scarline and does go beyond this point. This make it much more effective device than anything else out there as it only pulls the head and nothing else.

4) Easy and highly configurable - As mentioned, the Silicone Comfort Vacuum Ring is quite short, so its easy to put on or off. Its also easy to move it around to adjust excess or smoothing out excess skin. The configurable part is the small extra sleeve, called compress sleeve, that comes with the system. The function of the compress sleeve is to tighten the Silicone Comfort Vacuum Ring on to the head. To put it in another way, the Silicone Comfort Vacuum ring seals up the cylinder while compress sleeve provides the grabbing power. And since short sleeve is available in several hardness, you could get a harder sleeve to use with higher force (like hanging) or softer sleeve for low force ADS. The short sleeve is available in soft, regular and hard sleeve (regular sleeve comes with your package).

Previous writing

The writing below are from VacExtender 2 literature (with slight re-write) but it is still valid for VacExtender 3. Please bear in mind that some of the pictures are either VacExtender 1 or 2 but function is still same.

Multi-Function Device

The VacExtender vacuum based penis enlargement (PE) device is a truly revolutionary system that is unlike anything else on the market. From conventional extender usage to free-form light hanging to All Day Stretcher (ADS), the VacExtender Penis Enlargement System is equivalent to buying several devices in one.


VacExtender 3 Highlights:

Multi-Functional - This device was designed from the ground up to be a multi-functional system. It wasn't first designed with one purpose in mind and then adapted as an after-thought. There are no compromises - not with respect to size, portability or functionality.

Stealth - The device can be discretely used under clothing - around the neck or waist using our Universal Harness or down the leg via our inconspicuous Leg Strap.

Comfort - This is not a constriction-based noose or strap extender – it’s comfortable and is now even more comfortable! The redesigned cylinder is now deeper and wider to accommodate larger head sizes. Unlike previous versions, the new VacExtender 3 uses Comfort Silicone Ring to create vacuum and this new vacuum plug also protect corona/scarline area of the penis. Simply, this new comfort silicone ring makes the VacExtender even more comfortable to wear so you'll be motivated to continue with your Penis Enlargement (PE) program.

Effective force - We promote smart PE. The VacExtender is designed to gradually lengthen the penis by focusing primarily on its internal structure. With other devices that use the constriction method to grab the penis (noose or strap), the tensile force is shared between the internal structure and the skin. This if fine if you want to stretch your skin (or foreskin), but it is not optimal for penile lengthening. Even with VacExtender 1 or 2, some part of the skin is involved as portion of sealing sleeve overlap into the shaft/skin. The new silicone ring is placed on the corona/scarline area and in no way is overlapped onto the shaft/skin. What this mean is that only the internal structure is pulled and no skin stretching. To get a better idea how this work, pull the head of the penis with your finger vs pulling by grabbing the shaft.

Moving up to the Next Generation!

You probably already know how those regular noose or strap based systems work - basically they pull the penis by gripping the shaft near the scar line using a constriction fastening mechanism. There are some major issues with this method, however: 1) it stops or limits the blood flow to the penis - which will affect amount of PE time you can tolerate, 2) it puts pressure where vital nerves are located (near the scar line), and 3) because of its gripping method – it is extremely uncomfortable, which is the biggest complaint and most do end up going into a drawer to never be seen again.

The VacExtender is an amazingly simple device that uses a light vacuum to pull the internal penile structure. The vacuum cylinder is used to cover the head while a soft silicone sleeve is used to create a seal for a tight fit. The system is simple in that it doesn't use a vacuum pump - rather, air is manually purged to create a vacuum force.

Once you learn how to put the cylinder on , a universal harness or a leg strap are just some of the ways you can use the VacExtender. The extender base can be used while you are sitting down or at your desk. Use the Universal Harness when watching TV - you could tie it around your neck, waist, or even to a desk - and let the elastic cord provide the force. The Leg Strap is yet another way to stretch – the options are endless.

Choose your Extender: Jes, KR?

The VacExtender starts with your choice of extenders - either the Jes-Extender from DanaMedic of Denmark or our contracted KR Extender which is much cheaper.

You're probably already familiar with the Jes -Extender - they are all over the web and many people sell them. This devie is European C E (medical certification) approved and is mentioned in numorous PE studies. While Jes-extender is offered in several variation, we feel that version we offer - called Jes Comfort Original - is best value. There are more expensive versions but all it is how they plate the rods (like silver, gold or platinum - you really care what the rods are plated with?). One thing that is not in any Jes-extender package is the Noose head (they all come with strap head), comfort pad and upgraded silicone noose. This is our exclusive offering and we feel that it works better than the strap. So you get the vacuum, strap and noose attachements and you decide which you'll use.

The KR extender is very close to Jes in terms of capabilities but it doesn't quite have the high quality feel when individual parts are examined.  For example, the rods are plated steel vs stainless steel and base is bit more angular. Aside from the "better quality feel" - the functionality or smoothness are exactly same (actually we think its better) and you'll be hard press to tell the difference. Both Extenders offer good spring movement and the rods retract and extend smoothly. So the choice is more like - do I want a Lexus or Camry? - both are excellent but differ in both taste and price but not functionality.

Packages - depending on level of package you choose, some package may contain more than what is on this picture (see order page for more detail). These includes extra Silicone Comfort Vacuum ring, Compression sleeve, Leg Strap, Universal harness, etc.

Here's more information on these devices,

Jes Extender
KR Extender

Accessories - Increasing VacExtender Functionality

Again, this is no ordinary extender - we made it to be easily adaptable for additional functionality.

V-Stretch Attachment - this is an add-on accessory that targets the tunica of the penis. It allows for a curved V-stretch that promotes cell regeneration on the middle part of the penis. Also, if you have Peyronie's Disease with an upwards curvature, the V-Stretch Attachment could be used to apply a counter force. Here's a picture of one in use (sorry for the older pictures, but they still apply),



Peyronies Correcting Attachment - This Patent Pending accessory is designed to address Peyronie's disease.

AutoXleeve System - AutoXleeve is a Penis Enlargement System in its own right, in addition to being an excellent after care / heal-while-extended ADS device. While VacExtender can also be used for this function, the AutoXleeve is much gentler so it is a good alternative for a less intense session - thus increasing the number of hours you can spend on your PE program

Comfort base cushion


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Note: Please tighten the rods using pliers (once you figure out the length you need). The spring housing needs to be tighten first (counter clock wise) and other rods are tighten clock wise. The Jes Extender comes with a set of keys so you'll use that instead of pliers.

Understanding Effective force vs Shared force.

Some people think hanging a lot of weight is the only way to make gains - only to realize that they may have made their ligaments too tough to stretch later on. (In extreme cases, the ligaments could actually cause the penis to be shortened). To us, a heavy weight doesn't mean much. Instead, the Effective Force is what's more important. Hanging 5lb doesn't mean the same thing when using our method as compared with the noose/clamp method. To understand - try this:

First, grab the head only and pull. You'll notice that only the internal structure is pulled with hardly any skin involved. Now grab the shaft near the scar line just as if you were using the noose/clamp method and then pull. You will probably notice that lots of skin is being pulled also. This simple example illustrates the VacExtender difference: focusing on the internal structure as opposed to sharing the load on your skin.






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