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Understanding VacExtender 2 vs. VacExtender 3

As most of our regular customers know, I try to improve the design of each device whenever I discover a better design or when I receive number of improvement ideas from our users that would make their PE experience better. I would like to thank all users that provide a detail feedback and what they see need to be improved. That type of feedback is highly valuable as I not only make the device but use the device to get to that normal length that I think will make me better (whatever that might be as it changes over time).

In all normal sense, I do not move from version X to X+1 unless there's a major improvement. I think this is one of those occasion. The changes in VacExtender is vast enough that I decided to move it up to next generation in term of design and method of vacuum traction device. From vast changes in cylinder design to method of sealing vacuum, the VacExtender 3 is quite a different beast altogether. Although you have to use the device to truly feel the difference (still a vacuum device), I try to explain some of the major difference below,

Cylinder Design

The idea of new cylinder design came while designing the VacHanger line of heavy hanger (which is also going through a redesign). The redesign also came about from many feedbacks from our users which is very important. If I used a previous redesign and just made the cylinder larger/wider, this would of made the cylinder too big for users with smaller size head. I could of just created 2 different size cylinder to accomodate both type of users but if I'm going to redesign something, I wanted to improve more that just the size/depth, rather I want to make it even more comfortable and improve the anti-fluid buildup properties. Luckly I've discovered (and users from Thunders) a better method of creating vacuum that made the redesigning cylinder slightly easier.

To accomodate both small and larger head sizes, the new cylinder uses tapered design with wider opening and gets smaller as it moves up the top. The cylinder is also much deeper than VacExtender 2. What this mean is that wider opening will allow larger size head without affect how small size head user actually feel. The taper design actually allows more custom fit feel - for both small and larger size head. For comparison, here's the actual measurements:

  VacExtender 2 VacExtender 3
Overall Height (outside), not including the D-ring nub 1.26" (32mm) 1.58" (40mm)
Opening ID (across) 1.37" (35mm) 1.45" (37mm)
Depth (inside) 3/4" 1 1/4"
Top ID Mid point (across) Straight wall 1.37" Taper Wall 1.26"

The cylinder is slightly wider (those mm makes big difference) and much deeper. However, as you can see from the mid point width, its much narrower than version 2. This narrowness is what allows for tighter fit and with the new vacuuming method, allows for much more custom fit no matter the head size.

Vacuuming Method

The VacExtender 2 uses Silicone Sealing Sleeve that is rolled on the the shaft to create vacuum. At the time, this is one of the best method for creating vacuum.


As you may noticed, the sealing sleeve overlap onto the shaft and skin. To minimize skin play, one of the thing I advocated the most was to cut the sleeve as short as possible without losing the gripping power of the sleeve (bit of experimentation was needed). The other problem with this method was the difficult of controlling the sleeve - from rolling to avoiding skin pinch (ouch, happens to all of us). Stil, it worked great and for some users, they may still prefer this method.

The New Method (and yes, its patent pending)

The VacExtender 3 can still use Sealing Sleeve method used in VacExtender 2 but for all practical purpose, the method shown below will eliminate any type of skin play and eliminate difficulty of rolling or controlling while un-rolling. The new method uses two part - a Silicone Comfort Vacuum Ring (Vacuum Ring) and Compress Sleeve. The purpose of Vacuum Ring is straight forward - to create vacuum. The purpose of the Compress sleeve is to provide the gripping power once Vacuum Ring is in place.

Vacuum Ring on Scarline

As shown above, the Vacuum ring is placed on the scarline of the penis. Made our of very soft silicone compound, it can be stretched with fingers and placed on the head without worry of pinch. And because it can be worked independantly from the cylinder, the Vacuum ring can be lifted up, pulled and adjusted so that there's no creases on the skin.

Another nice thing about the Vacuum Ring is the "Comfort" it provides on the head. The Vacuum Ring acts as protector of the most sensitive part of the penis, underside of the head where most of the nerves are. The soft silicone provides very comfortable feel and eliminate any issues of skin pinching or creasing.

Lastl and most important feature - in tandem with the cylinder design, the head and vacuum ring moves up toward the cylinder, almost compressing the top part of the penis (where its needed for less expansion) while creating custom fit for rest of the area. The Vacuum Ring in this case becomes part of the head - perfect custom fit!!!

Compress Sleeve on Cylinder

Shown Above is the Compress Sleeve applied on the main cylinder. As mentioned, the compress sleeve provides gripping power. In addition, the sleeve provides air control as it covers the air release hole located near top of the side wall. To release air, push the sleeve a bit from the top, then let it go to stop air flow. Simple

Just as a side note - I've alsomade a version with air valve (with tubing) on the cylinder and to my surprise, the manual air release method was much more efficient and actually more comfortable (when you suck the air out using mouth, you could go overboard). To me, the design of the cylinder is so optimal that no external air release mechnism was needed (or wanted, keep it simple apply here).

Although this looks like VacExtender 2 setup, the sleeve is actually quite short - just enough to cover the cylinder and length of Vacuum Ring. The sleeve never have to come off and because of that, it will last quite a long time (still consumable though).

Completed setup

Shown above is the completed setup. Although you can't see it in this picture, the only thing this new method is covering is the scarline and there's absolutely no skin play. At the same time, what was already comfortable in VacExtender 2 is even more comfortable due to the Vacuum ring and how it works.

I hope this gave you some insight on VacExtender 3 design and keep those feedbacks coming. Just with this setup, the possibility of having softer/harder compress sleeves or Vacuum rings will open up many different possibility for its use.




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