Vac-Hanger Instruction.

Here's a basic setup. Cylinder and sleeves.
The Snap Spring Hook is used here.
The rope and S-hook is used on user provided weight. The rope could also be used to do manual excersize.
The first step is to fold the sleeve on one end - about 3/4"
Using one of the finger, put the sleeve on the cylinder - about 1/2" in.
Slightly stretching - use 2nd finger to hold the sleeve.

Using 3rd finger, slight stretch more to cover about 1/2 of cylinder opening.


Use the other hand to pull over the remaining sleeve. Stretch only so much to get it over. Its almost like scraping against the cylinder.
Gently pull the folded sleeve and unfold. Some portion will still be in cylinder opening. Don't try to unfold all the way, just enough and there will still be some crinkles.
As you unfold, it should look like this.

Pull the creased or crinkle sleeve over the rounded part of the cylinder. Pull very gently and it will smooth out.

The hard part is now over. Once sleeve is on, it doesn't have to be removed, even to clean the cylinder.

After each session (end of the day), use some mild soap and warm water to clean the bottom part of the sleeve (part not over the cylinder). This will restore the tackiness, which increase the gripping power.

Here's a variation - Instead of using a single sleeve - Cut a small piece from one of your sleeve. About 1 1/4"
By using this variation, you do not have to work so hard to pull the main sleeve. Roll the main sleeve right up to smaller sleeve.
Now we could start working on the other side. Begin rolling by making a small fold at the tip.
Continue to roll - get it close as possible to the cylinder opening.
You should get to this point.
Using same method as before, use fingers to slide the sleeve over the cylinder.
In this picture, the thumb, palm and middle finger is holding the sleeve.
Once the sleeve is completely over the cylinder, hold it there with your hand.

Insert your penis (using your free hand). Noticed that the other hand is still holding the sleeve.

Before inserting, pull the skin back and keep it out of the cylinder by holding it with your other hand.

Once penis head is in, let the sleeve go and it will pop back down to the shaft. Do not let it unfold by itself.

You may need to hold the sleeve to keep it right by the opening.

At this point, pull any loose skin or creases.

Slowly unfold - making sure there are no loose skin or creases along the way.
Here's another variation - On this picture, you see that some sleeve is folded. This will give you a complete different feeling and put less stress on the skin (near the base). Experiment and you'll find a comfortable zone.

At this point, you should already have some vacuum. Try to pull the cylinder and it should hold.

In order to hang more weight, we need to get rid of more air.

1st, use your thumb to expose the vacuum hole. With hole exposed, use your thumb again to cover the hole.

Then pull the cylinder to get some stretching. Once stretched, release the hole (but still holding the sleeve to expose the vacuum hole), and push down the cylinder. As you are doing this, you should hear "woosh" sound. The air is escaping through a vacuum hole.

Just as quick, as your are pushing it down, at the bottom, cover the hole again with the sleeve (this makes more sense when you are doing this - this step is very quick).

Repeat if you have to - to get more air out.

After the last step, you should see some of the sleeve being sucked in - at the cylinder opening.

Make sure that sleeve is fully covering the vacuum hole. Use a finger to cover the vacuum hole (on top of the sleeve) and pull the sleeve over the roud part to make it more secure.

The picture on right is same set used with 10lb hanging. This is with a very smooth plastic dildo.

Real live pics

Here's some pic's from Para,

Inserting the head into the sleeve.
Unrolling the sleeve - Smoothing the skin as you unroll - this especially important for uncut users.
Fully unrolled.

Creating vacuum - Para is using different method than one described above. I find that my method gets rid of the air better for me as I have lot more skin than Para. When putting in, some of my skin get stuck between the sleeve and cylinder opening. - I get them all out or it will be painful.

Since Para is cut, he doesn't seem to have a too much skin problem. Here, he's squeezing the penis into the cylinder (filling it in), then covering the hole.


Here's fully attached unit. Noticed that snap hook is directly attached. This is now changed with the rope - then the snap spring hook.