A revolutionary new Vacuum-Pump-Less design with ability to hang heavy weight or use it as a light weight stretcher. Simply, this is the best hanger/stretcher on the market.




Notice - The Vacu-hanger is Retired. We had a good run with this model and eventhough it is retired, it's still the simplest and easiest to use Vacuum hanger - Period.

So why did we retire this model (if we said it was so good). Well, we are working on something completely different and it requires lots of time (both developing and in the future, production), which does not allow us to have so many product. In fact, there will be other products on our line that will be retired as well (we don't know which one yet). So with that - if you have one, don't worry, it will be supported for long time.

Well keep up the info page for while at this point (more for search engine purpose)



Vacuum-pump-less Vacuum Hanger / ADS Stretcher

Introducing our newest product: Vacu-Hanger! The Vacu-Hanger is simply the best and most effective hanger/ADS PE device on the market. . And now, it could be customized to match your penis size!!!

Vacu-Hanger Highlights:

  • Easy to use - Nothing complicated about this system - no vacuum-pump to worry about or having multiple sleeves to get a seal. you just need the cylinder and 1 sleeve.
  • Portable - Since you only need the cylinder and a sleeve, you could take it anywhere.
  • No turtle neck (area between the penis base and the scrotum) - Unlike typical clamp style hangers, the Vacu-hanger does not put heavy stress or stretching on the skin. Most of the pressure is focused on tunica and ligament structure.
  • Comfort - Unlike vise or nooses style hanger/extender, the cylinder uses light vacuum to secure you penis. Since nothing is clamping your penis, the comfort lever is un-comparable.
  • Blood flow - The vise or noose style hanger/extender severely restrict the blood flow to the penis head. Because the Vacu-hanger does not clamp or squish any part of your penis, the normal blood flow to the head is maintained.
  • Uncut Friendly - Yes, this is first device that is un-cut friendly. Most uncut users have a hard time using any other devices - this device eliminate that limitation and they could use it as hard as cut users.
  • Longer session - Typically with clamp style heavy hangers, the most you could wear is 20 minutes (because of the blood circulation issue and discomfort, most can't do much more than that). With the Vacu-Hanger, the wear time is greatly increased: 30-60 minutes for heavy hanging session to 1-4 hours for ADS session.
  • Constriction sleeve - This patent pending sleeve will limit fluid buildup.
  • NEW!!! Custom Cylinder Option - Because the main cylinder was design to accomodate many different users (in terms of length), this new option will allow customized fitting to allow easier insertion, more focused pull and further eliminate what little skin stretching it had. Simply, it will give you a completely different feel/pull.
  • Head Girth Enlargement - We've noticed that during our test, the size of the head is bit larger than before. We've attributed this from constant expansion of the head (from vacuum force). We do not know if this is permanent as this device is too new. However, that is our finding up to now - this is why we offer multiple size cylinder - one size up from your natural size. The use of larger cylinder should be a supplement - not to be used as main device.

Vacu-Hanger Information:

Here's basic cylinders. There are 4 sizes - from Small to X-Large.

The packages are as follow:

Basic Package - includes 1 cylinder, hanging hardware and 2 sleeves.

The leg attachment is available seperately.


This is what you will normally see when using the system. Once the sleeve is on, you do not need to take if off the cylinder, even when you need to wash the cylinder/sleeve. This is actually recommended as taking it off the cylinder will shorten the silicone sleeve's life span.

In order to put it on, you just roll the sleeve, insert the penis and unroll. For detailed instruction, check out the instruction page.
This is the constriction sleeve. This sleeve will minimize the fluid buildup.


Sizing info: The cylinder will cover about 1 3/4" to 2" from the tip. This is the area that you'll need to measure. See diagram below for affected area,

Measurement point - from the tip to about 1/4" past the head, find the widest point - usually where head is tapered off. Above diagram depict the widest point for majority of users (99%). Once you have the widest point - using a tape measure (if you don't have a tape measure, usa a string - then measure the string againt the ruler) - measure the circumference.

Once you have the circumference - add 0.2" to your circumference (i.e. if your circumference is 4" at the widest pont - the total should be 4.2'

The corresponding cylinder sizes are listed below,

Small - Up to 3.9"
Medium - Up to 4.2"
Large - Up to 4.5"
X-Large - Up to 5.5"
2X - coming soon!

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