AutoXleeve - Super Comfortable All Day and Night (ADS/ANS) penis stretching system !

We are proud to introduce our newly re-formulated AutoXleeve All Day (ADS) and All Night (ANS) penile stretching system. The newly formulated sleeves are now even more versatile and comfortable than before - this is truly the most Unique and Revolutionary light force penis stretching system available anywhere!


Understanding AutoXleeve

There are several way to use AutoXleeve including mild progressive force enlargement system, supplemental or combination to other traction device routine and use as an Anti-turtle device.

Using it as supplemental or Anti-turtle is straight forward. Once user is done with heavier routine, the AutoXleeve can used for ADS/ANS to continue their PE session or or strictly as a anti-turtle device for "heal-while-extended" state. In both cases, the goal is to do PE routine as long as possible per given day/night.

Mild progressive force routine is bit different. Most PE users tend to go with higher force in the beginning or throughout their PE timeline. While its hard to quantify, based on number of years doing PE and numerous feedback and discussions - a high force routines may actually be a detriment to overall growth strategy. Idea is based on "newbie" growth, which is well documented phenomenon in PE community, in that new users tend to make a fairly easy gains in the beginning. However, many of these users seem to fall into "hard gainer" once these initial growth (typical I seen is 1/4 to 1/2 inch in relatively short time of few months). The best conjecture to this we believe is due to a toughening of the ligaments in response to excessive force. The body is very good at counter acting what is not natural and in counter response to this un-natural force is to toughen up what is being affected, in our case, ligaments that keeps our penis inside of our body (plus bit more).

The idea of Mild Progressive Force routine is to introduce a milder force gradually so that body does not counteract so aggressively, leading to a "hard gainer" condition. The exact amount of force is hard to determine but based on many articles published on human physiology, an excessive amount of force is needed for body to produce counteracting response. Again this is just a conjecture based on experience and feedbacks (lot of people seem to respond well to this concept but many other do well using higher force concept), so take it with a grain of salt.


  • Uses compressive force only or both compressive/tensile forces to stretch the penis.
  • This system is designed to be used much as possible as your main PE device or as a supplemental ADS device for those following a higher force routine.
  • The sleeves are super comfortable to wear and have a nice pleasant feel.
  • No learning curve - It takes few seconds to put it on and less than 1 second to take it off.
  • Cut/uncut/thick/thin - Doesn't matter, its comfortable for all.
  • The only device recommended for long term de conditioning process..
  • Can be worn under clothing and will be your most discreet device.
  • Confidence building shape under clothing. This system adds quite a bit of girth/length - so unless you want to show off, wear loose clothing.
  • Sleep version will not interfere with your erection/circulation. There's enough force to stretch slightly - you'll know it's there but will almost forget if you get too engrossed in your favorite TV show.


As with everything we develop here at AutoExtender, comfort is the key to using our devices. Without comfort, it doesn't matter how good the device looks or performs. Otherwise, you simply won’t use it.

The Xleeve II truly redefines ADS devices. Due to its design and comfort, you can leave the device on for longer than was possible with previous devices. We believe this device is even comfortable enough for All Night Stretching (ANS). The Xleeve II will not alter your sleep pattern or position. Other than a sensation of something on your penis - you could sleep sideways, on your back or put a pillow between your legs. No more adapting your sleep patterns to a PE device – the Xleeve II adapts for you.

The AutoXleeve II is also most discreet device on the market. Other than a nice looking bulge, it won’t be obvious there's something attached to end of your penis. It just looks like a thick penis (if you wear tight pants). If you wear a loose clothing, it will not show anything other than once in a while bulge hitting your pants.

What it's not:

This is not a heavy lifting system. Actually we don't recommend that you 1 LB of external force (2LB for Red Sleeve). It just wasn't designed for that type of PE and follows a different philosophy. If you want to hang a higher weight, use another device, such as VacExtender/VacADS or even higher weight capable device, such as Vacu-hanger. When used with these devices, the AutoXleeve will make an excellent heal-while-extended device, or as an ADS supplementary device for off days or nights.


In its basic form, the device consists of a flexible silicone sleeve and a sealing cap. There are several different sleeves, each with a different level of compressive force. The End Cap are shaped to accept the penis head while creating mild vacuum force.

About the sleeve - I've describe the various formulation of each sleeve below. However, after doing this for quite a long time now, one person's soft is another person's medium or even hard. Everyone have a varying degree of tolerance level so keep that in mind. In most cases, most people tend to go with full package containing all of the sleeves. All sleeves are usable even if its too hard, including cutting it in half to use it as free floating light hanger (with weighted caps). Experimentation is key and these sleeves are versatile enough that people sometime use it in surprising way. Once a user find the right sleeve, most tend to go for a specific sleeves for re-order.


Soft sleeve - The re-formulated Soft is designed to be used for day (under clothing). Because of the softness, this sleeve is not designed for any weights. This version has enough force for nice extension while soft enough to wear all day. This version may also be used for nights depending on your tolerance level and no more than 6oz weight should be used.. Note: please understand that this sleeve is soft and delicate, if you need more durability, we recommend that you start with soft-thick or medium.

Soft-Large Sleeve - The Soft Large, due to the larger diameter has less force than soft sleeve. And because of less force, its the most comfortable out of 6 sleeves. This sleeve is good for longer session or night time usage. This sleeve is also good for Larger girth users.

Soft Thick Sleeve - This has same Inner Diameter of Soft sleeve (.75") but its twice as thick (even thicker than soft large). Amount of force of this sleeve is greater than other soft sleeves and match the compressive sleeve of medium sleeve. Its also heavier than other sleeves - so it naturally has downward force tendency.

Medium Sleeve - The formulation of this sleeve will provide slightly more compressive force and is a good candidate for the 9oz weight. This sleeve is also good match for those who do heavier exercises and need an ADS solution during the day. This sleeve will give you a nice stretch without adding more stress on your worked shaft.

Medium-Large Sleeve - This new sleeve is designed for those who need more compressive force than Soft-large sleeve. It has much greater force and is designed for 9 and 14oz weight caps. It's a good combination sleeve, meaning you can use it for certain amount of time, then go down to softer sleeve, then back, etc. Sort of interval training for PE. This sleeve is also good for larger girth users.

Hard-Large Sleeve - This newly formulated sleeve is now much much harder than before. As with Soft-large/Medium-Large, the increase in Inner Diameter make this easier to use than before. The sleeve characteristic is very hard but its now easy to roll and is design for higher weight, such as 14oz end cap.

List of sealing caps:

Stealth Basic Cap - This is a new version that incorporates stealth features while retaining the accessory attachment. The new cap is much smaller than previous versions - so there's a bit of learning curve to rolling the sleeve. But it doesn't take long to learn and once you have it on, it's way better than the previous version which was easier to roll the sleeve over but was way too big for under clothing wear.

Weight Cap - This weight caps comes in 9oz, and 14 oz. These weight can be used with stretching session for extended period . The 9 oz is also a good candidate for a longer term usage but will depend on your tolerance level. The 14 weight is fatigue inducing versions and should only be used for short periods.

VacExtender v3 Cap - Some users find that they prefer a larger cap used in VacExtender system v3. The one advantage of this cap is that you can control the vacuum level (air release) and because it is larger, rolling the sleeve is easier.


Other Parts

Anti-Fluid Tape - It took a while to find this tape. When used correctly, it will prevent all fluid buildup on the tip (urethra) for those who are sensitive to vacuuming. This comfort tape is very soft and unlike most sports tapes, it doesn't rip your skin off when taking it off (there's some discomfort but it comes off fairly easily). I thought this was important enough that I'm including Anti-Fluid Tape in all Xleeve packages (even the starter one).

Foot Cord - Allow you to pull the cylinder using cord around your foot - good for sitting down or standing up position for that extra pull.

Discontinued Parts

Please note that following items have either changed or are discontinued (either due to design change or lack of interest).

  • Open ended cap - This item is discontinued and are going through a redesign at this point.
  • 5oz weight - This item is discontinued due to lack of interest.
  • Applicator - This item is discontunued as most just use the VacX cap or Stainless Steel cap.
  • VacX v3 cap - We are now including newer version of this cap. It is now translucent black (before it was clear). The cylinder is larger than previous version to cover the head more fully. See instruction on how to use the VacX 3 cylinder.
  • Universal Harness

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Warning: Our products are novelty item. Its is not intended to cure or treat medical condition. Our products are intended for advanced users of these novelty products and may involved significant risk.

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