Anti-Turtle Sleeve System!
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Anti-Turtle penis extension system (Experimental Stage)

Notice: Please note that the sleeve/endcap is extremely fragile and rip easily. Do not stretch the endcap - rather, roll on to the head. The sleeve can be folded (1") and stretched slightly to put it on the shaft. Again, this is experimental stage device and due care is required.

While it sounds funny, the Anti-Turtle system serves important function. The theory is that one should never let its penis shrink back - even when resting. The Anti-turtle sleeve does just that - it keep your penis extended at all time.

The Anti-Turtle sleeve is not a Penis Enlargement system on its own - rather its a complementary system, to be used in conjunction with other PE regiment or device(s). And while it looks same as our sealing sleeve (for vacu-hanger), the composition is quite different - it is amazingly soft - so soft, you could think of it as a 2nd skin. When compared to our Vacu-hanger sleeve, it is about 900% softer. The sleeve is made out of soft silicone (allergy free) and have a mild force for most people. Not enough to be a PE device on its own (or you couldn't wear it at night), but enough to keep the flaccid penis extended.

As mentioned, its main function is to keep the flaccid penis in extended state - equivalent to fully extended state. Used in conjunction with other PE device/exercises, the goal of this new sleeve is to wear it whenever you are tired of wearing other devices - enough so that you could put full 12-24 hours of Penis Enlargement Activities.

While it is generally not recommended to wear a PE device while sleeping, some user may experiment to see if they can wear the Anti-turtle sleeve at night. Typically, a young men who get lots of erections while sleeping is not a good candidate. But for older folks who doesn't have nearly as much activities, they maybe able to wear it at night. The sleeve is soft enough to accommodate a shaft enlargement (erection), but experimentation is the key. It doesn't have nearly enough force to cause any damage to your penis (tissue), but you'll know if you are not a good candidate for night time wearing because you'll feel the discomfort (at night). If that is the case - just pull it off and go back to sleep. If this is the case, just use it during waking hours - it will still give you a plenty of PE time. During the testing, we worn 'ed the sleeve for up to 48 hours.

The sleeve is one part of the equation. The EndCap is the other part. The job of the EndCap is to keep the sleeve in place (head side). Without the EndCap, the sleeve will just fall off (as your penis shrinks back). The EndCap is open ended silicone sleeve and is made of similar material. The only difference is that its more sticky - to keep it on the head. The EndCap has a open end for peeing purpose. The sensation is weird, but is doable. Next time you pee - try holding your shaft with very mild force - that's what it feels like. The pee hole is there, but we recommend that you take it off to pee as we feel that it un-sanitary. It doesn't take that long to put it on (minute or so) and less to take it off.

To use the sleeve, fold the sleeve in 1" section, the put the sleeve as close as possible to the base (the base side should have double fold). The unroll the flap right up to the head (slightly before the head). The sleeve is very long - so if its too long, don't cut it, just fold the base side more (double fold, but longer). Once sleeve is on, put the endcap so that it goes under the main sleeve.

The Anti-turtle sleeve comes with 2 sleeves and a EndCap.

Here's the picture of Anti-Turtle Sleeves and the Endcap


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