How to enlarge penis safely

Our products are designed for safe penis enlargement by stretching your penis's cell structure and stretching suspensory ligament using light "forced pressure." Just as other parts of your body can be stretched, the penis also can be stretched.

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If you are wondering how to enlarge penis without pills, since pills have never been proven to work, you have come to the right place. There are two keys to successful penis enlargement, stretching the penis cell structure and stretching the suspensory ligament.

The suspensory ligament is what keeps the penis attached to the pubic area. This is typically what plastic surgeons cut when you have a penis enlargement operation. Rather than going through this drastic approach, which is not always completely safe, we offer products that put forced pressure on the penis to stretch this rubber-band like ligament and induce a longer looking penis. Half of your penis is hidden within your body, so stretching this part will expose more of it.

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The second key to safe penis enlargement is stretching the dual cylinders of the sponge-like cell structure called Corpora Cevernosa. The inner structure of Corpora Cevernosa is made of numerous bands and cords, called "trabeculae," consisting of white fibrous tissue, elastic fibers, and plain muscular fibers. The method behind our products is to introduce a light forced pressure on this structure to induce a structural change. Contrary to what most other websites will tell you, your penis will not grow new cells, instead, our product will expand the current capacity of your penis (amount of blood it can hold).

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Here is a more detailed diagram of trabeculae. The cellular structure is similar to other parts of body that can be stretched.

Permanent Gain

The results of forced pressure training when stretching suspensory ligament or cells are permanent.

What makes the change permanent? Why wouldn't stretched cells or ligaments try to retract? The reason is simple. Just like in body-building (by the way, there is no muscle in your penis), the repair process is the same. The muscle is being trained to conform into a certain shape. As you are training your muscles, the gain comes from the tearing of the muscle tissues (as well as supporting ligaments and cell structure - but don't worry, you are not damaging your body). The result after a workout is fatigue and soreness of the muscle. When you are resting, your body is repairing the muscle tissue and making it stronger and in turn - bigger.

The same principles apply to safe penis enlargement. You are training your penis and your body is repairing it to a permanent state (sometimes it will retract, but repetition will change that). And since there is no muscle tissue involved - the results are primarily permanent (there will always be change due to temperature, activities, etc).

Warning on Noose design

Say no to Noose!
We mentioned several times about not using noose/strap type fastening system. The diagram show you why. You don't want the noose or strap damaging the nerve near the head. This is where you feel the most sensation. Our product only grip the side, so that it is not pressing on the nerve cells.

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